Why Live Music?




Why Live Music?

Good question!  Live Music has the potential to create an unforgettable experience for your clients and customers.  Live Music can transform an otherwise ‘ordinary’ dinning experience, night out or function into one that is memorable and will give your customers something extra to rave about, in addition to your excellent service of course!  Sometimes venues find that a particular act either has a large following or will generate a buzz if they become a regular so this can mean more business for you.

Now that you’re seeing your venue buzz with a live musician doing their thing, here are few things to consider when selecting the right act for your venue.

o   What kind of atmosphere are you hoping to create?  Are your customers inclined to get rowdy after a few beers and need something up-tempo?  Or are you trying to create a more moody/classy background dinging experience?  Intention is everything!

o   Make sure your act be it a band, duo or solo musician understands the mood you want to create before you book them.

o   Take into account the size of your venue and how many musicians (and their sound equipment) you can realistically accommodate.  If need be, have the musician or representative from the act you’re booking come to your venue ahead of time to check.

Well what are you waiting for?!  Now that I’ve helped you iron out some of the creases, why don’t visit my website, check out my videos and see if you think I’d be a great fit for establishment!

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Veruschka Pestano